Whether you originally found your space through JSN PROPERTIES, another realtor, or directly through your landlord, we can support you in these sometimes complicated affairs.

Here’s a typical scenario. Your office space lease is up for renewal. You’ve been so busy running your business that you haven’t had the time to see what the market is like. What’s more, it’s your first time actually negotiating with your landlord. You’re intimidated because you don’t just want to renew. You want a better rate… more square footage… improvements to your space. Whatever the case, you wish you didn’t have to do it alone.

Here’s another scenario for you. You’ve found your ideal commercial space. You’ve survived the negotiation process and emerged victorious. You’ve moved into the space and made it your own. You love it. It works for you. You couldn’t be happier. Now fast forward five years. You’ve downsized a bit and want to sublease some of your space to offset your losses. But you don’t know where to start looking or where to turn.

No matter what your concern as a tenant, we can help. That’s because of our unique, insider experience as agents for various Manhattan landlords. Therefore, we know how to assess whether you would be best served by a renewal, sublease, or brand new space. Or, if you’re certain of what you want, we can help you negotiate your deal with your current—or perhaps new—landlord.

To learn more about our renewal and re-evaluations services, please contact us.

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